Our names are Paul and Roberto and we knew each other through senior high school 2001. We always wanted to the follow the entrepreneurial road but didn’t know what to do. So prior to starting a business, we  worked in several jobs and completed our degrees. One fateful day in 2008, we saw an opportunity  to make some extra money and sold leather hoodie jackets on eBay and created  our brand VIPARO. We decided that our main objective for this business was to provide quality leather fashion clothing at affordable pricing and providing excellent customer service.

In one year, we soon realised it was getting serious so we quit our 9-5 jobs and opened our first office at the Sydney CBD in George Street with 7 Leather Jacket styles only. During this time, we launched our website www.viparo.com.au and worked on campaigning our brand through social media and word of mouth which worked a treat.

Growth was becoming too much for the Sydney office and we eventually upgraded to a warehouse in Arndell Park, Western Sydney. Today we have 5 staff working with us, over 30 leather jacket styles and over 20 leather products. We have been featured in GQ, NW, Grazia, MX Newspaper, eBay Life Magazine and Sun Herald. Our VIPARO eBay store is one of the most  popular stores in eBay Australia and eBay has been very supportive of our work.

Finally we would like to share our journey and hope to meet people who love life and are willing to give anything a go.


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