How To Make It In America

‘How To Make It In America’ was a comedy-drama that ran for 2 seasons, which followed the lives of two friends, Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon, hustling through the streets of New York City trying to make a name for themselves in the fashion scene and to live the ‘American Dream’.

Using their drive for prosperity and the uncanny ambition to work for no one but themselves, the pair set out to establish their own label, ‘Crisp NYC’. Going from one business idea to the other, the show succeeded in capturing the reality of the industry, what it takes to make it and the sacrifices that were needed to be made to stay loyal to their personal moralities.

The show delivered many of life’s struggles, challenges and principles that seems to one way or another, run down the same roads as VIPARO once did. ‘How To Make It In America’ reminded us to stick to what got us here in the first place : loyalty, teamwork, persistance and confidence in yourself. No matter what roadblock you come across there is always a way through it. You just have to work together to find it!

It’s too bad HBO decided to cut the journey short and axe the show after an amazing 2 seasons. We highly recommend this show for those who pursue the road to entrepreneurism.

In the words of Ben Epstein (Bryan Greenburg), “Never stop going for your dreams.”