Event: S2 Fashion Show @ PFF 26.09.11


Our friends of S2 will be presenting a standalone show at the Perth Fashion Festival 2011 and it will feature our JOHANNA leather jacket!


Info take from website: “Chrissie is the designer of S2. Her design presents with a bold minimalist look –  built around gorgeous, quality fabrics and unique silhouettes and has continued to evolve and demand attention. Capturing the interest of fashion media and buyers alike, the label is now stocked in boutiques across Australia. S2 was voted as the ‘standout’ of the 2008 Perth Fashion Festival. Even more reason to not miss out on this show.”


If you live in Perth or attending this festival, pencil in this show: Monday 26th September 2011 9pm – 10pm @ Museum of Western Australia for $58.90. BUY HERE


S2’s Spring/Summer Lookbook 2011


Tutorial: Different Types of Leather

There are various types of leather available in the global market depending on the usage of the leather products.
The difference in types of leather can also come from the animal source they are derived from. Accordingly there are leathers made from cow, sheep, goat, lamb etc. Some of the popular types of leather used for manufacturing various leather accessories are:

Cowhide – Maximum valued material for texture and appearance, top grain finish, extremely durable, firm yet easy to break in, comfortable, thickness, grain can be from extra smoothe through a pebble grain uniform pattern. It can be somewhat stiff at times but is available in many weights and cuts.

Nappa leather-This type of leather is made from sheep skin and is naturally one of the softest leathers and is closest in “hand” to a baby’s skin.
Sheepskin/Lambskin – Extremely soft, comfortable, pliable but can stretch and excessively distort the shape of the garment after excessive use, some tanning can be expensive, softer and plumper is more expensive, less expensive skins have a tight small pebble grain and the cheapest skins will be course in it’s feel.

Goatskin – Economically priced leather more durable than pigskin but with a courser tiny pebble grain finish. Generally only available in weights of .9 to 1.1 mm thick.

Split Leather – Economically priced leather that can appear like top grain finish or a rustic cracked finish leather. strong and durable and can vary in thickness from .8 mm thicn thru 1/8″ thick. Split leather is made of inner layers of a hide that have been split away from the upper layers. It is very fragile typically used in the form suede.

Buffalo – Value priced, heavy duty leather, hair folicles and grain often evident, durable and generally found in thickness from .9 mm to 3.0 mm thick.

Naked – This is a tanning process or lack of finishes giving it the Naked name. Any skin can be naked but most commonly you will find naked leathers in cowhide with all the durability and qualities of such. Generally a more expensive skin because they have to use choice skins (without markings and scars) for the leather to be used in manufacturing without waste.

Distressed – A term used commonly these days as an uneven colored finish. Most common in light brown naked buffalo leather (where each pannel on a garment is rarely a perfect match due to the unique qualities of each and every skin). In the 50’s though the 80’s distressed leathers had been where the painted outter coat finish cam off or rubbed off during use. Some people still use words like “rub off” or “pull up” (pull up has extra oils in it for a similar effect). Distressed can come in a variety of thicknesses, textures, skins and even colors.

If you’re after some fashion leather garments visit here



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