Instagram is such an awesome social media platform. I’m obsessively using it myself. Those late nights when you can’t get to sleep and just trawling through endless Instagram pics. My love for photography and all things visually creative make this one of the most used apps on my iPhone. I particularly love the scenic landscape or location photos, insider shots of celebrities lives, and also following my favourite dog Marutaro:

For this reason we use it quite frequently for our label VIPARO. We’re super active on Instagram, so follow us kids: @viparo

We’ll follow and tag you back :) You can also view our online Instagram page here:

The VIPARO Instagram page is a compilation of behind the scenes photos on what goes on at the VIPARO offices or any of our events such as photo shoots, meetings with our designers and more. We also love to post people wearing our clothing and anything that the team get up to during their off-time.

We’ve reached over 500 followers so thank you to all of our awesome fans.

How do you use Instagram in your business?


VIPARO Instagram - 31.01.13

VIPARO Instagram – 31.01.13

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