Instagram is such an awesome social media platform. I’m obsessively using it myself. Those late nights when you can’t get to sleep and just trawling through endless Instagram pics. My love for photography and all things visually creative make this one of the most used apps on my iPhone. I particularly love the scenic landscape or location photos, insider shots of celebrities lives, and also following my favourite dog Marutaro:

For this reason we use it quite frequently for our label VIPARO. We’re super active on Instagram, so follow us kids: @viparo

We’ll follow and tag you back :) You can also view our online Instagram page here:

The VIPARO Instagram page is a compilation of behind the scenes photos on what goes on at the VIPARO offices or any of our events such as photo shoots, meetings with our designers and more. We also love to post people wearing our clothing and anything that the team get up to during their off-time.

We’ve reached over 500 followers so thank you to all of our awesome fans.

How do you use Instagram in your business?


VIPARO Instagram - 31.01.13

VIPARO Instagram – 31.01.13

Spring / Summer 2013 at VIPARO

VIPARO was excited to release our first Spring / Summer collection this season. Diversifying from just leather clothing, we’re slowly, but surely becoming a full range fashion label.

Featuring our trademark leather pieces, such as track leather shorts, tunic leather dresses, fitted leather tops, pencil leather skirts, men’s leather vests, men’s leather shirts, vintage leather bags and much more.

We also introduced our exclusive Cuban Paradise Print in summer pieces including a kimono, maxi dress, maxi skirt and mixed leather top. Inspired by our From the Desert to the Sea collection.

View the Women’s Collection

View the Men’s Collection


Here’s a few pictures below of our range.





April 2012 @ VIPARO

What a crazy month!

We’ve had a great beginning to the Autumn/Winter season with the release of our new collection, a busy month at the pop-up store, a variety of promotions being held throughout April, and to top it all off, the Face of VIPARO photoshoot!

We’ve had the privilege of working with extremely talented models, hair & make-up artists, stylists, photographers, videographers, and of course the awesome VIPARO team. There’s some exciting new photos on the horizon expressing the more accessible, casual side of VIPARO with studio shots, street shots and behind the scenes videos.

Take a gander at some teasers below :)

More behind the scenes photos on our Facebook here

Till next time, stay confident.

Face of VIPARO 2012 #1

Up to 70% Selected Leather Jackets on the VIPARO Official eBay Store

We figured that this is worth a mention…

Last day’s to grab a bargain for this coming winter with up to 70% off selected leather products and accessories on the official VIPARO eBay store.

VIPARO eBay Sale - Up to 70% Selected Leather Jackets and Accessories

We’ve got some of our most popular leather jackets, leather bags, leather accessories, t-shirts and leggings at hugely discounted prices until the 28th April 2012 with stock selling fast!

Notably our Footloose shorts which usually are RRP $189.95, selling at only $84 on eBay!

Happy shopping!

VIPARO Sydney Pop-Up Store Now Open

The Viparo Sydney Pop-Up store in Westfield is finally open! Due to an unprecedented amount of enquiries ranging from sizing to leather textures, Viparo has found a home for it’s first physical store at the 100 Squared Emerging Designers section in Westfields Pitt St Mall, where customers are able to see and try on first-hand, our latest styles, popular garments and one-off pieces.

Come pay us a visit!
Westfield Sydney Store
Westfield Sydney, 100 Squared
Kiosk K107/9, Level 1
Cnr Pitt St Mall and Market St
Sydney, NSW 2000
Ph 0498 482 113

Limited styles available at the store. Click here for more details.

Heritage Building @ Rockdale

Last weekend we went to visit a shop/warehouse that stocked reclaimed wood, antiques and reclaimed furniture as we are undergoing production of a temporary pop up store in Westfield. The warehouse was tucked away behind another building which made it difficult to find, nonetheless, if you find the red and white sign you should be fine. Walking in we were welcomed by two men and felt like were stepping back in time.  He said that upstairs were all the good stuff and so when we proceeded upstairs I was snap happy on my iphone.

Viparo Meeting Area Renovation : Stage 1

As our brand continues a steady transition into a fully fledged fashion label, we decided that our work environment should also see a distinct change to go with it. Our office meeting area (as seen above) saw the first of the renovation process, being that it is where the root of our ideas and the very foundation of our business is realized. More updates to come!


As VIPARO’s Autumn/Winter 12′ photoshoot is just around the corner, the team is working hard to conceptualize and refine this long awaited project that we are so excited to share with everyone. Before the photoshoot can begin, a strenuous process of planning in all spectrums of the project must be completed. Things such as the location, a script, time, the models and the right kind of equipment all factor into the quality of the end result, and the efficiency on the actual day of the shoot. Choosing the right models, using the correct lens and having the right camera settings along with correct lighting are all crucial elements in conveying the desired vibe and mindset of the brand. As we prepare to finalise the storyboard, we take a look at some of our favourite labels and shots from their lookbooks to get an idea of the benchmark we will be aiming for.

Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign Featuring Rihanna

The new Emporio Armani Spring/Summer campaign featuring Rihanna, photographed in Dublin, by renowned fashion photographers Mert & Marcus Piggott, the photo captures a sensual and seductive vibe that is sure to attract alot of eyes.

Versace x H&M Spring/Summer 2012 Collection


Balmain Spring/Summer 12′

How To Make It In America

‘How To Make It In America’ was a comedy-drama that ran for 2 seasons, which followed the lives of two friends, Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon, hustling through the streets of New York City trying to make a name for themselves in the fashion scene and to live the ‘American Dream’.

Using their drive for prosperity and the uncanny ambition to work for no one but themselves, the pair set out to establish their own label, ‘Crisp NYC’. Going from one business idea to the other, the show succeeded in capturing the reality of the industry, what it takes to make it and the sacrifices that were needed to be made to stay loyal to their personal moralities.

The show delivered many of life’s struggles, challenges and principles that seems to one way or another, run down the same roads as VIPARO once did. ‘How To Make It In America’ reminded us to stick to what got us here in the first place : loyalty, teamwork, persistance and confidence in yourself. No matter what roadblock you come across there is always a way through it. You just have to work together to find it!

It’s too bad HBO decided to cut the journey short and axe the show after an amazing 2 seasons. We highly recommend this show for those who pursue the road to entrepreneurism.

In the words of Ben Epstein (Bryan Greenburg), “Never stop going for your dreams.”

VIPARO’s top albums of 2011

As another year passes, we look back and reminisce on the trials and tribulations of the last 12 months. For us here at VIPARO, we can say with certainty that 2011 was a successful year – as a brand we have grown immensely, with a fresh facelift to our logo and website, a greater amount of exposure to the brand and a continuous growth of followers. As a team, we are working hard towards reaching the goal we strive to realize : Establish a culture of confidence, continue to innovate and create, and of domination :). VIPARO would like to thank those that continue to support our brand, and we look forward to sharing exciting things with everyone in 2012.

As we take one last look back, we’d like to close off the year with our pick of the top 10 albums of 2011. A fun work environment is not complete without a great selection of tunes that gets you through the grind, and with the abundance of talent-rich artists arising this year, there’s no loss of motivation for the day-to-day.

See you next year and be safe!

Jay Z and Kanye West – Watch the Throne

James Blake – James Blake

Drake – Take Care


Anjunabeats vol. 9

Frank Ocean – Nostalgia

The Weeknd – House Of Balloons

Florence And The Machine – Ceremonials

Ed Sheeran – +

Lupe Fiasco – Lasers

Malababa Spanish Leather

As a brand that prides ourselves in being a specialist for leather garments and goods, VIPARO is appreciative of all things leather, including high quality accessories that are available on the market. Malababa, a company based in the heart of Madrid City that was created in 1997, has since become a high end avenue for leather accessories around the world.

“The originality and elegance of its designs, the richness and high quality of its materials, the versatility and personality of its pieces have created the unmistakable Malababa style.”

Malaba Leather Bags




Check out the rest of their collection at their website :

glamour under the sea

Floating across slick shifts and pared down separates, clams and conches, crabs and seahorses move from abyssal reality to soft, painterly print. With The Little Mermaid’s Arial an absolute inspiration, a palette of sweet, saccharine gelato pastels is key to the Under The Sea theme.

American Crew Men’s Hairstyles 2012 by GQ Australia

A great post by GQ, ‘American Crew’s Face Off 2012 finalist awards’ showcases some of the trendiest mens’ hairstyles to consider for the new year.

The Wavy Quiff

The Messy Side-Part

The Ivy League Blow-Back

The Navy Crop

The Curly Peak

The Side-Crop Long-Top

The Peaked Side-Crop

The Layered Top-Crop

The Peaked Cut with Matte Finish

The Textured Top

The Peaked Clean-Cut



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